Selected Work

Soapwalla Kitchen

Front-End Development, Shopify Theme Development, HTML Email

Soapwalla is a Brooklyn, NY based vegan skin care company offering a wide variety natural beauty products. I worked with CatchFire Creative to build out a custom Shopify theme to replace their old, dated theme.

In addition to being fully responsive and built with SEO and accessibility best practices, the Shopify theme that CatchFire built for Soapwalla focused on allowing the store owners to quickly and easily make updates and customizations. The homepage is completely customizable, giving Soapwalla the ability to highlight different products according to release cycle or season.

Each product on the shop can also be attached to certain key ingredients which allows users to sort products based on their main ingredients. A custom and intuitive interface in the Shopify admin panel allows the shop owners to make these and other customizations without fuss.

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Talk About LTC Screenshot

Talk About LTC

Front-end Development, Responsive Design, CMS Integration, HTML Email

I worked with Summit Professional Networks to create a custom site for one of their sponsors centered on Long Term Care Insurance.

I took the design and created a responsive site that integrates with their custom CMS and ad framework. In addition, I created a responsive html email template for use in marketing this sponsor’s site. The template will also be rolled out to their other product newsletter, as it was the first that was responsive.

Of note from the technical perspective, the SASS is built using a modular approach utilizing the BEM methodology. Over in the Javascript, I used Browserify for the front end dependency management. These decisions were made to ensure the site is extendable and scalable in the future.

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ThinkCE App Web Page

ThinkCE App

Front-end Development, Responsive Design

Summit Professional Networks created a mobile app for their online continuing education tool CE-Center.

Working with one of their designers, I created a marketing page to be used to promote the app in their ad and media campaigns.

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World Series of Beach Volleyball

Front-end Development, Responsive Design

While awaiting a new site, the World Series of Beach Volleyball needed a detailed landing page to give visitors an overview of the event well before the site was live.

I took their vibrant design, turned it into functional page, and incorportaed some responsive design to ensure it looked slick on all devices.

*N.B. The page has since been replaced with the new site, but you’ll find a copy hosted on this site*

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Lindsay & Lace

WordPress Development, Responsive Design

Lindsay Simon is a fashion editor and stylist located in Los Angeles, CA. We worked to build her a responsive WordPress theme to replace her old, clunky one.

In addition to the new design, we also completely revamped her blogging workflow to make updating her site as easy as possible. Because her site is fashion, and thus, photo based, features such as image compression and size-limitations were included to cut down on loading times.

The fonts used are Bodoni Regular and Brandon Grotesque.

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9to5Chic Website


WordPress Development, Responsive Design, Content Migration

After building her 9to5 Chic blog into an established fashion destination with a significant following, the blogger, Anh, wanted to migrate the site to WordPress and implement a responsive layout that maintained the 9to5 Chic aesthetic. Working with Sidebench Studios, we created a ‘fashionable’ responsive layout complete with a streamlined blogging workflow and migrated all her previous content to the new platform.

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Design, Logo Design, Photography, WordPress Development, Responsive Design

It probably goes without saying, but I also created this very site. It is fully responsive and built with a mobile-first methodology. I chose a simple, grey, minimalist style partly because I happen to really like it, and partly because I feel that it lets content shine though. The type is FF-Tisa-Web-Pro which I think has a clean, elegant readability.

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